Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Church of Spilled Blood ~ Jesse Miles

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I saw this title as a "read now" on NetGalley, and in spite of the strange title, the description sounded interesting. (The title is in reference an actual cathedral in St. Petersburg called "The Church of the Savior on Splilled Blood" - see photo below - and a climactic scene in the book takes place near it). After falling into the story, when I stopped to take a breath, I couldn't believe this was a self-published debut!  It reads like a book written by a much more experienced author, and I was pleasantly reminded of Robert Crais' Elvis Cole series, which I love.  The dialogue is realistic and the steps the private detective, Jack Salvo, undertakes to solve the crime are intricate and creative.

I love the fact that the main character is a Philosophy teacher at a community college in L.A. as well as a P.I, that he has a snarky internal and external voice, that the author did not reveal all of the character's back story in the first book,  that the plot involved a Russian ballet troupe, and the Los Angeles and St. Petersburg settings. Very enjoyable and well done!!  I also read the second title in the series, Dead Drop, which was even better and involved a case of embezzlement gone out of control.  There is a third title underway called The Middle Sister, which I'm awaiting eagerly.  I have a sneaking suspicion this author and his series are about to be snatched up by a publisher.

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Dead Drop by [Miles, Jesse]

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