Thursday, December 17, 2015

Marked In Flesh: a Novel of the Others ~ Anne Bishop

Bishop, Anne. 2016. Marked in Flesh. New York: ROC. 
ISBN 978-0451474476. $27.00 (USD).

Picking up shortly after the events of Vision in Silver, Anne Bishop’s 4th novel of “The Others” succeeds in immersing fans of this excellent urban fantasy series in the lives of the characters living in the unique world of the terra indigene, or earth natives.  Readers accustomed to tough-as-nails urban fantasy heroines are initially surprised by the innocent and naive Meg Corbin, who escapes a horrific life of abuse and captivity and lands in the middle of the Courtyard of the shape-shifting Others.  But Meg is more than she seems: a cassandre sangue, or blood prophet, who has visions when she sheds blood.  Meg's visions have helped the Others in the Courtyard, and some human friends, as well, survive a number of traumatic events.  In this novel, the Humans First Movement (the HFM), is planning multiple attacks against the Others and the humans who are their friends.  It will be up to Meg and her allies in the Courtyard to avert the coming crisis triggered by the animosity between the members of the HFM and the Others, while the terra indigene Elders decide whether the entire human population should be destroyed forever.  Readers unfamiliar with this series may have trouble comprehending the story due to the complex world-building the author has created in her previous novels in the series.  However, those who have long been fans will enjoy spending more time in this unique world of “The Others.”

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