Thursday, December 17, 2015

Black Rabbit Hall ~ Eve Chase

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Chase, Eve. 2016. Black Rabbit Hall. New York: Penguin Group. ISBN: 9780399174124 PRICE $27.00 (USD)

What really happened at Black Rabbit Hall?  That's the mystery that drives the protagonist as well as the reader of this intriguing debut by Eve Chase.  Shifting back and forth in time, the author drops subtle clues in the narratives that keep the reader turning the pages, and made it hard for this reader not to skip forward to the end.  I'm glad I resisted, otherwise I would have missed out on some of the beauty of the author’s prose and the clever way she leaves cliff-hangers as she shifts between the lives of Amber Alton in 1969 and Lorna Dunaway in present-day London.

Something happened at Black Rabbit Hall, the summer home in Cornwall of an affluent London family one summer in 1969. Years later Lorna Dunaway, driven by a vague memory of a place she visited with her recently deceased mother, searches for a location to hold her wedding. As Lorna spends time in Cornwall, she is pulled into the mystery of the Alton family and the role that Black Rabbit Hall played in the course of their lives, and hers, as well. Filled with well-drawn characters and propulsive suspense, Eve Chase’s debut will keep the reader engaged and intrigued as the secrets of Black Rabbit Hall are gradually revealed. An outstanding first novel.

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